About Company

HANATOUR, Korea’s largest travel agency now served by over 2,500 employees at home and abroad, ranks as the number one travel company for the past ten years in terms of overseas travel and airline ticket sales.Through its outstanding travel industry professionals and a directly operated network covering 28 areas around the world, HANATOUR has upgraded the level of travel services and has driven the industry’s growth, both in quantity and quality. We have also secured top rankings in customer surveys on customer satisfaction and preferred travel agencies.In addition, HANATOUR improved its productivity and profitability by introducing several innovative IT systems to the travel industry. We became one of the major companies to be listed on KOSDAQ by continuously expanding our position in the market in year 2000. Moreover, in year 2006, HANATOUR became one of the first

KOSDAQ-listed companies to also be listed on the London Stock Exchange, one of three major stock exchanges in the world. This listing affirmed the transparency and credibility of HANATOUR’s business and provided a stepping stone for HANATOUR to develop as a global company.HANATOUR plans to expand its global network to fifty regions, upgrade its online business and improve the global capacity of its human resources. Through such efforts, we will do our very best to become a company that offers our customers the world’s best travel services.
-Company Name: HANATOUR Service, Inc. (KOSPI : 039130, LSE :TOUR)
-CEO: Park, Sang Hwan 
-Foundation Date: 1/ 11/ 1993
-Address: 1 Gongpyeong- Dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea
-Number of employees: 2,339(as of September 2011)


Hanatour introduces and organizes foreigners to visit our beautiful country, starting a new mileage in inbound travel. HanatourITC, one of the subsidiaries, is specialized in new domestic tourism, conducts hotels and culture related work. Its projects include the hotel business, Discover Korea Tours, medical tours and Korean wave event products, transfer and city tours etc. HanatourITC spearheads the global business of Hanatour, planning specialized products to expand the domestic market and create new demand of inbound travel.


Discover Korea Tours 
‘Discover Korea Tour’, the popular chartered coach tour allows travelers to thoroughly tour all the representative travel destinations of Korea in one trip.
The first of its kind in Korea, the high quality travel product that offers comfortable and leisure schedules, carefully selected menus composed of local delicacies, chartered limousines and five-star hotel accommodations etc., is highly recommended.